Choice Of Text


I chose the font Rounded Elegance as it boasts a number of attributes that suit the style and industry i wish to work in for my dream job. The font lacks burr and has rounded and smooth contours. which creates an extremely well finished, clean and professional looking font. With this being said I wanted a font which portrays this while also being a little bit edgy or out of the norm, for artistic connotations. The font achieves this by removing the tips or tails of many or the letters such as the letter ‘d’.


I chose Arial for my body text. Arial is a very clean san-serif font. My original intentions were to have a serif font for my body text as it has been said to help the reader navigate across the page, therefore helping readability. Although upon further investigation, it was discovered that san-serif font could actually help a web user in a far greater way.

A study was conducted by Alex Poole, A senior user experience consultant.
He states that many web professionals such as graphic designers claim that relatively low many resolution computers cannot render the fine finishing strokes of serif typeface effectively enough. when a font is digitised for use on computers, the letters have to fit into a small pixel grid. if the computers resolution is not of a high enough pixel per inch it can often lead to jagged lines on small details therefore creating an uneasy readability. Not only this, but I want the website to look the same no matter who opens it and what hardware they have. Sans serif are not as prone to jagged lines being formed as they lack the small intricate details of serif typefaces.
logo copy


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